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PW Consulting has been serving our clients in Canada and the Caribbean since 2001.

We are expert at providing custom Enterprise Software platforms and accompanying Professional Services. Our expertise spans multiple technologies, development languages, database platforms and web architecture. Development on our 'open-source' technology is affordable and fully customized to reflect your work flow. We replace, or extend the lifecycle, of your legacy enterprise systems with significantly lower cost, no added complexity and zero risk.

The PW Consulting team has an designed & created innovative administrative systems for both water and electrical Utilities as well as in ICT for Telecommunications and spectrum management. Our fully supported enterprise applications are robust, flexible and quickly deployed.

PW Consulting's experience with undocumented "home-grown" systems and ageing systems is unmatched. We specialize in defining, mapping and documenting these systems then converting them into web enabled and optimized applications.

Experts at customizing software to your specifications, we provide complete system deployment, testing and support from project initiation to go live. Our interfacing services insure timely and economical interoperability between systems and we offer affordable support services, remotely or onsite.

You can avoid enterprise wide software replacements that can take years to complete, exhaust your people, and slow your business down. PW Consulting has serviced multiple customer sites across Canada and the Caribbean.

Recent Clients
3M Canada BDI Canada Montserrat Utilities Ltd Dominica NTRC MICA credifax Murphy Bus Lines Antigua & Barbuda Telecomunications Division

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