• Web Programming in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, PHP and Flash
  • Windows Programming in C and .NET
  • Mobile devices programming in Linux, Java .NET for Blackberry, iPhone & Android
  • Flat File data identification and extraction.
  • IBM Legacy Programming (iSeries/AS400) in COBOL, RPG, ILE, CL, SQL, Query/400, SDA, DFU, FTP, & Java.
  • Raw data conversion, formatting and loading
  • Creation & Deployment of new Enterprise applications
  • Custom Application development and testing
  • Application enhancement; Legacy to Windows
  • Application enhancement Legacy to the Web
  • Application enhancement Legacy to Mobile devices
  • Interface Creation & Deployment; Legacy to Windows or the Web
  • Telecommunications and Spectrum Management Systems
  • Water and Electrical Utility Management systems
  • System analysis and re-design
  • System wide internet integration for IBM Legacy (iSeries/AS400)
  • Windows Programming in C and .NET
  • System wide GUI Creation & Deployment
  • System wide Migration Support from Legacy to ERP
  • Database Design in SQL & MySQL and DB2.
  • Create & Design for 'Web application' database
  • Documentation, Mapping and Conversion of multiple files into predefined database tables.
  • Documentation and Mapping of Legacy data structures and fields
  • Database Maintenance & Auditing
  • Web Portal Creation & Deployment for users/customer/vendors
  • Web security protocols and intranet design
  • Website hosting and management
  • Create & Design Open Source systems
  • Set up and implementation of Cloud based Data storage
  • Re-purposing Legacy systems for collocation and secure repository
  • Setup and implementation of Virtual Private Data Network
Recent Clients
3M Canada BDI Canada Montserrat Utilities Ltd Dominica NTRC MICA credifax Murphy Bus Lines Antigua & Barbuda Telecomunications Division

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